When you work with CPLS, you don't have to queue up. Our approach is horizontal, not vertical. We can shift assignments to make them fit your deadline - quantum translating. As long as you let us know - phone, app, mail - what your deadline is, we can generally hit it ... what you think is mission improbable, we make mission probable. It's the simple mathematics of 24 x 7, with translators and copywriters whose knowledge and familiarity act to your advantage.

What does it cost?

Our hour rate for copy-editing, copywriting/creative writing, magazine articles and website content is €90-120 (depending on the content and assignment specifications). For full-day conference reporting, the day rate for attendance is €750. For translations, the word rate is 18-22 cents, depending on the amount, content and deadline specifications. The rates are only fixed once a quotation is proposed and accepted. 

Word rate



Hour rate



Day rate for attendance 

(Conference) reporting