Everything starts with knowing the client's business. It is the key to anticipating their needs, to creating solutions and opportunities they may not find on their own.

This is the CPLS credo. It gives clients an extra dimension and adds value. It makes 'words' a powerful tool. Whether it's a scientific article, a commercial flyer, an annual report, a press release or a vital internal communiqué. Whether to inform, inspire, sell or entertain. From banking to technology, our assignments include risk assessments, financial analyses, exhibition posters, corporate magazines, presentations, websites - in fact, virtually every kind of corporate communication, internal and external.

Quality at speed is our motto. And that's made possible by 'knowing the client's business'. It means that we can work with a high and even growing level of efficiency. Which pays off in terms of costs. And quality.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are mainly Dutch or Dutch-based international companies and organisations in the technology, innovation, research and knowledge fields. Clients for whom effective communication is a valuable tool in powerful positioning in the fierce competitive world in which they operate. Making the difference between having a concept/product/service and 'selling' it. Or motivating employees, attracting funding, finding partners, inspiring target groups. We help you find the key ingredient to transform your need into a resource.

A selection of clients:

Ministerie Infrastructuur & Waterstaat
Provincie Noord-Holland
Brainport Development