Introducing Josh!


I'm Josh, a copywriter driven chiefly by curiosity and a love of learning. I'm originally from the south of England and have been living in the Netherlands for three years (with many more to come). I bring with me a passion for writing and the ability to learn quickly on the job, both of which translate into smooth turnarounds on tasks of all kinds.

As a student of History and Gender Studies, and throughout various roles as an English teacher/immigration officer in China, a debating society general secretary in Wales, and a child helpline volunteer in the Netherlands, I've always pursued the things that interest me. This led naturally to copywriting, editing, and translating work with Amsterdam-based Spotzer, a white-label provider of digital marketing solutions for large enterprise businesses that service small businesses. This job was personally fulfilling and gave me the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of an air conditioning manufacturer, funeral home, and bulldog breeding centre all in the same week. I'm looking forward to working at CPLS so I can continue encountering diverse projects and people while tackling a higher level of work than was possible previously.

Having written my Master thesis on the uses of financial and medical smartphone apps on sports projects (based around interviews with international NGO leaders), I'm also keen to keep up to date with technological developments and to deepen my knowledge of what's going on worldwide. The chance to engage with technology leaders and be part of the process of getting the message across as well as report from conferences was a big plus for this role.

I look forward to working together!