CPLS stands for 
Creative Professional Language Specialists

A few CPLS golden 'rules':

  • the customer is our priority - we are open and honest, work at a constantly high level of performance, enjoy customer relationships and add value where possible
  • we are flexible, offering English to Dutch and Dutch to English translation services as well as copywriting, proofreading and subtitling
  • we are 'human', we can make mistakes but we always strive for perfection
  • we are inquisitive, we learn and improve, but most of all we ENJOY what we do

Chris Horgan

Partner - Copywriting, Editing and Translation

Founder of CPLS in 1989. Born in Cornwall (UK). Graduated from Bristol (Bachelor) and Birmingham (Master) in English. Worked in Denmark, UK and Brunei before coming to the Netherlands and setting up CPLS. Adventure into entrepreneurship. Running a business is not only a constant challenge but an enduring pleasure. A career of lifelong learning - from the smallest nanos to the vastness of space, from software innovation to the circular economy. 

I feel privileged to have a 'job' that helps my clients make the world a better place. A world that is fragile but one that I love to travel and explore - from the Andalusian hinterland to the cultural heritage of St Petersburg and the shrinking jungle of Borneo. A Brit with a Dutch passport and an inclusive world view. 

Josh Grindrod

Partner - Copywriting, Editing and Translation

Hi, my name is Josh and I've been working as a Text & Editing Consultant at CPLS since November 2018. Having worked as a copywriter in the Netherlands and an English teacher in China, this role - combining writing, Dutch to English translation, proofreading and subtitling - has given me lots of opportunities to develop myself. I most enjoy translating technology articles for clients such as TNO as this gives me the chance to both expand my Dutch vocabulary and keep abreast of the latest developments. As for writing, I'm glad that my work allows me to interview dozens of leading figures across many fields - it's great to be the one to release their frequently ground-breaking results to a wider audience. I also manage CPLS's Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, helping to share not only our work but also interesting titbits from various innovative industries.

Sara de Waal

Freelancer - Copywriting and Translation

English to Dutch and Dutch to English translator and writer. "I've always loved writing stories and text. As a child I already wrote for the school newspaper and in writing competitions. Then I studied history. Of course history has plenty of stories to tell, but my writing hand kept itching. That's why, after my studies, I decided to take various courses and gain experience as a copywriter and translator at various organisations, after which I became a freelancer in 2016. 

CPLS is one of my favourite clients when it comes to collaborating because it gives me a glimpse of the great innovations that take place every day!"

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