21st century engineering

The role of engineers has changed dramatically in the 21st century: digital skills now play a crucial role and students should expect to be continuously learning throughout their careers... Read more


Without the fundamental research carried out in universities, there would be no applied innovations that improve our everyday lives... Read more

Automotive & mobility

Automated driving is one of the great ambitions and challenges of our time, as we've frequently seen in our translation work... Read More

Buildings & infrastructure

Buildings are an often-forgotten aspect of sustainability but solutions such as circular construction are vital to achieving the Paris climate objectives, as we've witnessed in translations for partners such as TNO... Read more

Circularity & sustainability

What's the difference between 'ICT for Green' and 'Green ICT'? How can we develop new methods of large-scale energy storage? And can robots prevent food waste? Read more

Conference reporting

From EUREKA Innovation Week in Stockholm to the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, CPLS has attended and reported on dozens of conferences across Europe... Read more


The problem of cybersecurity is something that affects us all, whether we are defenders or targets, active or passive... Read more 

Digital transition

Digital solutions enable new forms of innovation rather than simply enhancing older methods; examples include the ever-increasing use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and Internet of Things with all the risks and opportunities these entail... Read more

Energy transitions

Only through the increased integration of renewable energy in daily life can true sustainability be achieved... Read more


Finance today is a domain, like many others, dominated by digital trends. Whether it's online banking, bitcoin and blockchain... Read more

Health innovations

From wearable sensors to organ-on-a-chip, technology for health encompasses a wide range of themes... Read more

High-tech materials

With TU Eindhoven's High Tech Systems Center, we've been exposed to all sorts of modern uses for high-tech materials - even going right down to the nanoscale... Read more

Magazine articles

Several times a year, CPLS is responsible for writing, proofreading and editing most of the magazines released by ARTEMIS Industry Association and the Eureka cluster ITEA... Read more

Innovation doesn't take place in a vacuum; networks and systems are the basis for breakthroughs across all technology domains... Read more

Software development

Today, software touches every corner of our lives and can make or break innovations in fields as diverse as energy, manufacturing, mobility and agriculture... Read more

Soil & subsoil

The subsurface provides us with resources, supports our buildings and bears the burden of our waste... Read more


Subtitling is the quickest and most affordable method of translating video content, as well as an important way to make media accessible to deaf audiences... Read more


Building on our experiences subtitling shorter videos, webinars typically require more than an hour of conversation to be transcribed, translated and provided with timestamps... Read more

Website support

In addition to individual articles, reports and videos, CPLS offers support for websites as a whole... Read more