A wide array of editing options

From magazines to blog posts and scientific reports to conference speeches, CPLS is able to provide an experienced, native English editor for all your textual requirements. Throughout the technology and innovation sector, we've gained a reputation for clear, flowing texts delivered at a much faster turnaround than competitors across the Netherlands.

What does editing entail?

As with our translation and copywriting services, we always tailor our editing work to the specific needs and desires of our client. Documents are returned with tracked changes so that revisions can be seen and approved. Our options include:

  • proofreading a text to correct the English spelling and use of grammar, including offering suggestions for changes when the meaning of a sentence is unclear;
  • ensuring that either US or UK English (or indeed any other terminology requirement) is followed consistently and correctly throughout a text;
  • copy-editing a text to fix mistakes while also enhancing it with new passages or rewrites. Changes are based on the client's specifications, such as a specific tone of voice or intended outcome.

Getting to know one another

Reliability is key: as a professional editing bureau, you need to know both the standard terminology within a domain (such as when to use 'machine learning' versus 'artificial intelligence') and the preferred language of your clients (whether they use 'client' or 'customer', for instance). With over 25 years of experience in total, CPLS has been working with a number of organisations for more than a decade; we pride ourselves on getting to know a business intimately and gaining an instinctive 'feel' for their style, tone and lexicon. Examples of our recent editing work can be found on our reference pages for TNO, TU/e, ITEA, and Inside-IA.

Guaranteeing quality at speed

On the basis of the content, our hourly rate for editing is €90-120. The speed of proofreading depends on the quality of the English or Dutch and the assignment specifications (such as standardising different documents to use the same terminology), but a rate of 1000 words per 20-30 minutes is completely normal. For copy-editing, in which documents are expanded and improved, 1000 words per 45 minutes is usually achievable. Payment rates are fixed only after a quotation has been proposed and accepted.

For a swift English spelling or grammar check no matter the deadline, email us now!

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