A translation that’s tailored to you

Unlike most translation bureaus, CPLS has been dedicated to the field of technology and innovation since 1995. In addition to science and technology translations for a specialist audience, we offer a wide range of 'general' English to Dutch and Dutch to English translations. These may include articles that explain scientific results to a wider public, like our work for TNO, or internal documents that guide policy, such as financial reports and messages to employees. 

Round the clock availability

At CPLS, we work on the basis of quantum translation: when you phone, email or app us with an assignment, we organise our current work around your deadline instead of creating a queue. This means 24/7 availability if that's what it takes. We also factor in the potential need for changes after a quote has been agreed, as urgent documents (such as press releases) often need to be further edited close to their deadlines. This flexible approach has allowed us to work with clients from a variety of domains, including TU/e, ESCEL-JU, ITEA and public authorities.

Broadening the audience of your videos

Another element of our translation services is subtitling, in which we transcribe Dutch videos and provide an English version that captures both the broader meaning and the subtleties of the speaker(s). This allows organisations to reissue older videos or create new ones with a larger audience in mind, potentially adding thousands of views. English-language videos can also be transcribed if necessary.  

Low costs and quick turnarounds

As of 1 April, we are introducing revised rates that will remain effective until the end of 2022 at least.

New translation rates (sliding scale principle)

Up to 5,000 words - 18 c per word
From 5,001 words to 10,000 words - 17 c per word
From 10,001 words - 16 cents per word

Example, for a 12,000 word translation:
Current rate: 12,000 x 19 c = €2280
New rate: 5000 x 18 c + 5,000 x 17 c + 2,000 x 16 c = 900 + 850 + 320 = €2070

So the bigger the order, the bigger the discount (in this case around 10%).

New editing, copywriting and conference reporting rate

The new rate will be €90 per hour instead of the current rate of €96 per hour.

Why the new rate? Costs are rising all around us, from energy to food, and from services to products. We want to remain competitive, and we are able to do this by reducing or removing costs for non-essential overheads, and by increasing efficiency in internal processes. We want to share the benefits of these savings with you. Now that's what we call win-win! So enjoy the benefits.  

If you’ve got a text that you need to translate to Dutch or English, don’t hesitate to contact us now!

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