Communicating your message loud and clear

At CPLS, we've been serving clients from across the Netherlands for over 25 years. Whereas most text specialists focus exclusively on English to Dutch or Dutch to English translations, we strive to assist clients in every aspect of written communication. Whether you need a new website to promote a spin-off company or a short article to summarise your latest results, we can provide clarity, consistency and credibility in copywriting.

A tailored approach to every publication

As with our translations, CPLS's copywriting focus is on technology and innovation: themes which hold great importance to modern society and breakthroughs which could revolutionise the way we live, such as sustainability, data privacy and automated driving. Our native English writers tailor their style to the needs of each client, giving a different voice to publications that include project reports, industry magazines and academic newsletters. For a few samples of our recent work, check out the reference pages for Inside and ITEA.

Bringing conference results to a wider audience

On behalf of our clients, CPLS is present at multiple technology conferences per year. In addition to writing articles on the basis of speeches and panel discussions, we're available to conduct interviews with key players in order to clearly disseminate vital information to a wider audience. For more information, visit our conference reporting page.

Costs and turnaround

After you contact us by phone, email or app, a copywriting job begins with a discussion of the nature of the product and the deadline you need us to meet. Our hourly rate ranges from €90 to €120 depending on the content and assignment specification. For full-day conference reporting, the day rate for attendance varies between €750 to €900. These rates are only fixed once a quotation is proposed and accepted. Revisions are a recognised part of the process: feedback from the parties involved is incorporated immediately and is an important part of crafting the perfect text.

To take the first step in your next conference, magazine, website or report, get in touch with us now!

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