Technical translations in tens of languages

In addition to our services in Dutch to English and English to Dutch translation, CPLS acts as a service point for translations into a variety of other languages. Whether you need a technical article translated into Danish or Italian or subtitles for a video in Turkish, we can call upon our network of experts worldwide to provide the service you need within a matter of days.

A wide range to choose from

Having been involved in the world of translation for other 20 years, CPLS has built up a strong network of translators specialising in almost any widely spoken language from French, German and Spanish to Arabic, Mandarin and Japanese. All you need to provide is the target language and the text and we'll manage the rest.

Decades of experience

Over the years, we've encountered a wide variety of domains in our work as a language service point. Although we're unable to provide examples of internal documents due to client confidentiality, these have included French textile-related guidelines for an international design studio and safety information for a global construction company. In the latter case, we provided Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian and Portuguese translations of a voiceover and questions for a health and safety video, ensuring that the company could easily reach all of their markets with the same tools.

For translation combinations of English, Dutch and/or almost any widely spoken language, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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