TNO reference

As one of the largest and oldest independent research organisations in the Netherlands, TNO plays a vital role in sustainably boosting the strength of industry and the wellbeing of society. With over 3200 employees focusing on issues ranging from security to health to the energy transition, TNO provides services that include contract research, consulting, product testing and the formation of new start-ups.

TNO has been one of our biggest clients for over 25 years. Each month, we translate a number of TNO Insights articles from Dutch to English, including the unveiling of the revolutionary SolaRoad bike path and a calculation model to stimulate the circular economy. We're also actively involved in the translation of their key internal documents, including the Code of Conduct and employability guidelines. This requires, above all, the consistent use of corporate preferences and technical terminology, which we maintain across all publications in consultation with their staff.

Other examples of our recent work include proofreading the Technology for Climate white paper and subtitling the video summary of 2018, which has now been viewed more than 850 times.

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