The problem of cybersecurity is something that affects us all, whether we are defenders or targets, active or passive. CPLS is often at the forefront of developments: our work for clients ranges from interviewing leading cybersecurity providers such as Atos for the publication of a relevant article (Using the power of cooperation to defeat cybercrime) to ghostwriting for the Eureka cluster ITEA, (ITEA 3 · ITEA Magazine · Issue 36 (July 2020) · Collaborative, automated and trusted) and supporting TNO with translations (Investments in automated security are a prerequisite for a secure digital economy | TNO).

These are just a few examples that demonstrate our knowledge and insight, familiarity with the players and terminology, and understanding of the trends and markets. In other words, we feel at home in your domain. And knowing your business enables us to help you communicate to your target audience - fast and effectively.

ASOP Consortium develops game changing platform for Automated Security

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