So, Europe has taken on the unenviable mantle of epicentre of the corona crisis. And lockdown has become the word of the moment. But can we find any grain of hope and optimism in amongst the cascade of doom and gloom that pervades the press and media? Though not exactly screaming from the rooftops, various environmental crusades are expressing their joy at cancelled flights and near-deserted motorways - there's more than one way to skin a CO2 cat!

Of course, no-one wants the horrendous situations where the 80-year-olds that succumb to the disease are left to perish in favour of those who have the prospect of a longer post-recovery life. While such inevitable choices are being forced on the medical profession, they are hardly Sophie's choice. But what of the corona carriers, transmitters and recipients along with the vast majority of disease-dodgers pretty much confined to their domestic cells? Time for a superhero?

Internet! So often the villain in recent years - the spreader of personal data, corrupter of youth, influencer of politics and presidents. But now maybe the saviour of humanity? To stay informed about corona, to respond, to reboot once the first wave of the disease has run its course? Can we finally realise that we don't need to fly to New York or Milan for a key business meeting but can make use of video conferencing to keep business running and help save the planet at the same time? Is this the moment when nations cast aside their nationalistic and populist preachings and take the opportunity to re-establish collaboration and cooperation, and put planet and people before politics?

At the time of writing, no-one can predict what will happen next. Is it a portend to the day of judgement or a time to reconsider the nature of mankind? Can we turn the present threat into a future opportunity? Engage with the computing edge of hope and not the cliff edge of despair. A brave new world awaits - if we allow it. It's in our hands, at our fingertips. We communicate through it. Technology and innovation rolled into one. Corona-free. Opportunity.

- Chris